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Comes Naturally

Mar 28, 2015

On this weeks special episode the guys took to the road, many of them actually, to take part in the release party for the amazing graphic novel Doberman. Thanks to the awesome people at Darby Pop Publishing the guys got to sit down and talk with another set of guys. Rob Rosell, Jack Lambert & Scott Marder are the...

Mar 20, 2015

On this weeks episode the guys give some much needed love to the ladies out there. They list they're top 5 female performances. Some big new awaits the listeners of this episode.



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Mar 13, 2015

This weeks episode is the first episode of year two. But things haven't really changed, the guys are still talking about the same stuff. Following up on last weeks assignments from last weeks episode, the guys report back on their awful TV shows. They discuss some new shows and try to look towards the future of Comic...

Mar 6, 2015

On the last episode of Year One the guys have huge plans. None of them are any good. So they just sit around and talk about enterainment news, the new Avenger's Trailer and some other stuff.




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